Lawrence House Museum

Otho Bathurst Peter Watercolours

Otho Peter's 31 watercolours are, with 2 exceptions, painitngs of bridges in north and east Cornwall and west Devon.  The exceptions are river scenes close to 2 of the bridges.  He painted all of them in the course of one year, 1905, yet so rural were his subjects, that most of them can still be viewed with little change over a century later.

Peter confined his painting expeditions largely to the River Tamar whose 40 mile length accounts for 13 of his bridges.  Its basin is extensive and it has 3 tributaries in Cornwall: the Ottery, Kensey and Inney and these provide subjects for a further 10 of his bridges.  In Devon, of the Tamar's tributaries: the Claw, Carey and Tavy, he gives us 3 over the Tavy and 1 over the Carey.

Two rivers independent of the Tamar, the 38 mile River Camel and the 33 mile River Lynher, provided Peter with his other subjects.  He painted 6 bridges on the south flowing Lynher and 2 on the Camel which flows south west from Davidstow Moor and then north to join the sea at Padstow.


Otho Bathurst Peter